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Moving On pen on paper, cobs

Moving On, pen on watercolour paper, cobs 2013

Origin oil on canvas 2012 cobs

remnant cobs

Evening Light - oil on canvas nov 2011

winter solstice 2007

Chris O'Brien Shanahan has been creating visual art works since graduating from art college in 1985. The work is inspired by our natural environment and changing seasons.

Boundary lines that separate, link, divide, protect or connect people and places are central themes in my work. Since childhood I have thought of hedges as remnants of ancient forests; as pathways - sheltering wildlife and connecting tracts of woodlands. They reveal glimpses of places to explore - between and beyond. The changing colours of nature and their impact on our subconscious are important.

Within our creativity the boundary lines connect 'between' or 'around' individual and collective cultural identities; offering glimpses of other states of being, perceptions and ways of seeing.

Facilitated creative workshops, installation and collaborative work reflect the ethos of the 'slow movement' - supporting creativity, valuing local cultural and natural heritage and exploring new ways of promoting natural and sustainable development. Christine exhibits with 20ten.

Latest NEWS

Visual Artists Get-Together at SCG:

Calling all visual artists in the South East ...
A networking event for visual artists based in the South East will be held in Soma Contemporary Gallery, SCG, on Saturday May 10th between 11am and 2pm. The morning will include an open discussion on developing collaborations, as well as mentoring and mobilizing artists in local communities.
To book please contact Christine
SCG is located at 6, Lombard St., Waterford More info here ->

Visual Artists Get together at Soma Contemporary Gallery

VAI Get Together 2014 Friday, 23rd May 2014 in The Irish Museum of Modern Art – IMMA

Visual Artists Ireland, VAI, national day of coming together with talks, clinics, presentations, information sharing, and a chance to catch up with our fellow artists. Visual Artists in Local Areas: This session will look at ways of connecting artists to one another and supporting them in their locality. Invited speakers including artists Linda Shevlin, Christine O’Brien Shanahan, Lisa Fingleton and curator Hollie Kearns, will talk about creating networks of local partners and stakeholders and experiences of working in rural settings. This will be followed by a discussion on approaches taken to developing collaborations, as well as mentoring and mobilizing artists in local communities.

Three month artist residency at SOMA Contemporary Gallery Waterford

February 2014 : Am working on an art installation as part of the continuing weave series of works, and delighted to have to space to work with materials grown and harvested from our own garden. The installation is inspired by a 2012 painting ‘nine nests’ which was created in response to Bealtaine Festival.

CREATIVE Workshops :

Beginners painting workshops designed to guide participants through the creative process. The classes are designed for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Current series will run until the end of May - visitors always welcome... more info ->

SOMA Contemporary Gallery
6 Lombard Street, Waterford
11:00am to 1:00 pm
2:00pm to 4:00 pm
6:00pm to 8:00 pm
Tramore Coastguard Cultural Centre
Lovelane, Tramore
Wednesdays 11:00am to 12.30pm


Slow Art Day - Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery, Waterford

This year’s annual Slow Art Day took place on April 12th from 11am to 2 pm. This global event is run by volunteers. The aim is to facilitate engagement with art in a new way - ‘if you look slowly, your experience will be transformed.’ Over 160 galleries around the world have signed up so far over.

GROUP Exhibitions :

Scattering-Gathering exhibition to travel to Kilkenny Art Festival 9th - 18th August 2013

20ten are delighted to announce that the work will be shown in the 'Rose Corridor', Kilkenny Castle

Summer Collection - 20ten exhibition at Index Gallery 12th to 28th July

20ten exhibition at Index Gallery, Central Library, Waterford as part of Avenue Festival 11th & 28th of July 2013

landscape : habitat earth : sky contour : line colour : light
  • Landscapes record the passage of time, the presence of man
  • Hedgerows mark boundaries and common ground
  • Horizon: a boundary between the seen & unseen; real & imagined
abstract landscape... echo of memory...
visual reminder of nature's colour ...
places visited ... journeys made...
  Moving On, pen on paper, 2013 | Waiting, pen on paper, 2013 | Origin, oil on canvas, 2012 | the same But Different, installation, 2012 | Evening Light, oil on canvas, 2011 | winter solstice, photographic print, '07
  © Chris O'Brien Shanahan 2006- 2014, all images, paintings, photographs © Christine O'Brien Shanahan