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Christine O'Brien

visual art

About Christine O'Brien

Christine O'Brien has been creating visual art works since graduating from art college in 1985. Her work is inspired by our natural environment and changing seasons.

'Boundary lines that separate, link, divide, protect or connect people and places are central themes in my work. Since childhood I have thought of hedges as remnants of ancient forests; as pathways - sheltering wildlife and connecting tracts of woodlands. They reveal glimpses of places to explore - between and beyond. The changing colours of nature and their impact on our subconscious are important.'

'Within our creativity the boundary lines connect 'between' or 'around' individual and collective cultural identities; offering glimpses of other states of being, perceptions and ways of seeing.'

With paintings and photographs in private collections locally and abroad, our natural environment continues to be an integral element in her work.

"the spirit of a place ... time ... landscape can be absorbed into your soul, make an impression on your psyche in a micro second - and last a lifetime," Anam Áit

Facilitated creative workshops, installation and collaborative work reflect the ethos of the 'slow movement' - supporting creativity, valuing local cultural and natural heritage and exploring new ways of promoting natural and sustainable development.

Christine taught art privately, in secondary schools and on a number of youth development programmes until the mid 1990s. In 1992 she and Michael Shanahan, sound artist miXile, developed the successful web design company Concept.

Group 20ten

Christine exhibits with 20ten artist collective and was the group's co-curator from 2011 to 2017.
She also curates exhibitions at Gallery 20ten, 18a Lombard Street, Waterford.

Group 20ten artist collective is based in South East Ireland. The members work in a range of media including photography, paintings in oils, acrylic and mixed media, sculptures in wood, ceramics and mixed media, art installation and multi media audio/visual works.

Journey to Queensland

Winter Green, Oil on canvas, 2008

Tramore Winter, oil on canvas, 2008

Journey to Queensland, 2007 | Winter Green, 2008 | Tramore Winter, 2008

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