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Christine O'Brien

visual art

Scattering-Gathering exhibition at Garter Lane

20ten Exhibition at Garter Lane Arts Centre 7th February to 26th March 2013 -

Scattering- Gathering examines the theme of gathering and scattering. Almost every family in Ireland has been directly touched by Emigration (voluntary or forced) at some point. Indeed, for older people this would be the third period of Emigration in their lifetime, including the 1950's and 1980's. The personal experiences of the absent loved-one, sorrowful partings, joyous re-unions and long distance communications are deeply rooted in Irish Culture. Co-curated by Chris O'BS and Conor Rush.

Opening Scattering Gathering with Conor NolanScattering-Gathering features work by 20ten and guests: European artists Willemien Koelink and Magdalena Karol live in Ireland; Kate-Bowe O'Brien and Andrea Caulfield now live abroad.
20ten is a group of eight artists who live in South East Ireland and work in a range of tradition and new media. Each artist expresses a different viewpoint on life and art. Shared explorations of visual perception offer layered perspectives. These are reflected in ethereal imagery and forms, haunting landscapes, subtle tones, vibrant colour and abstract expressionism. www.20tenartgroup.com

Opening Scattering Gathering with Conor Nolan Opening Scattering Gathering with Conor Nolan

above: 20ten artists with guest Magdalena Karol
: Scattering Gathering at Garter Lane, set up for Artist Talk;
right: Conor Nolan, Waterford City Arts Officer, who opended the exhibition with co-curators Chris O'B S, Evelyn Power, Visual Arts Officer at Garter Lane Arts Centre, and Conor Rush, member of 20ten.

Origin, oil on canvas, cobs 2012

Moving On, pen on watercolour paper, cobs 2013

Moving On, pen on watercolour paper, cobs 2013

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